Anaerobic Digestion - Educational Project

Interestingly a small scale AD plant has been installed in a school in Central London, processing only 5kgs of food waste a day. This Project was a great practical way of educating young people that food waste is an 'energy source'.
AD Project
Image courtesy of 'Public Works'

The project, run by the Petchey Academy in Hackney East London, was to design & build an anaerobic biodigester. School dinner leftovers go in one end and biogas and plant fertiliser is produced at the other.
Technical information on how to build an AD
the cowEcoSink This PDF Manual describes how the AD works and what you need to build your own AD which includes an EcoSink Eco 3 Food Waste Disposer
About the Project
the cowThis PDF Booklet describes how the project was delivered and what it achieved educationally
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