Use an Eco-friendly, Eco-fast, EcoSink Food Waste Disposer to whizz your food waste away.

With the current drive to recycle and dispose of food waste in an environmentally friendly way, food waste disposer units are fast becoming popular kitchen appliances.

The EcoSink range is suitable for domestic households and apartments, as well as light commercial environments such as pubs, cafes, small restaurants, offices, and boutique hotels.

Fit an EcoSink food waste disposer under your kitchen sink and flush all your food waste worries away! Just put food waste such as chicken bones, fish bones, fruit rinds, used tea bags and coffee straight into the EcoSink, and run the cold tap for a few seconds during operation. The waste will be virtually liquefied to flow into the mains sewage system or septic tank.

About Waste Disposers
Did you know that the first waste disposer unit was installed in the UK in the 1970s?

Food waste disposer units can provide a long-term solution for reducing the amount of food waste going to land fill, thus reducing the production of harmful methane gas emissions.

EcoSink waste disposer units have been designed and manufactured using up-to-date technology, including a patented 'sliding hammer' turntable. Click here to watch a short video on how the EcoSink Waste Disposer Works.

The EcoSink Food Waste Disposer range is manufactured by a major electrical motor manufacturer, and is becoming a global brand. As well as the UK they are now available in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and China, Germany, Ireland, and USA.

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Click here to see videos of how EcoSink works

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