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Green Eco Technologies WasteMaster, the latest innovation in managing food waste, using technology which ‘repurposes food waste’.
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Green Eco Technologies Is designed to manage food or putrescible waste from businesses that have high volumes of food waste, such as hotels, large restaurants, shopping malls, food manufacturers and prisons.

A cost-effective way of repurposing food waste.

This unique patented Japanese technology produces no odour, requires no outsourced waste removal, and releases no harmful emissions.

Most importantly, it ends the need for food waste to go to landfill.

So how does it work?

Food waste is treated within the WasteMaster system using oxidation to speed up the natural decomposition process.

This is achieved using an ESA (Electronic Spin Accelerator) which produces a superoxide anion, a powerful oxidising, created via magnetic and electrical interactions at a specific frequency. This process rapidly breaks down the cell structures in the food waste, resulting in a more rapid rate of decomposition than would normally occur.

After this process, the volume and weight of the waste is reduced by up to 85%. The remaining solid waste retains the full calorific value of the original waste so can be repurposed as a fertiliser, animal fodder or fuel for power generation.

View the the "Don't waste your Waste" video (Vimeo).

More detailed technical information can be found on this PDF.

Not all waste solutions are the same.

You may have considered a waste management solutions before.

Some emit strong odours as waste decomposes. Some require complex monitoring of bacteria levels. Some require you to drain the machine of water, or have it pumped out at regular service intervals and some simply pulp the waste with water into a liquid that ends up in our sewers, simply diverting food waste from landfill rather than solving the problem.

WasteMaster is different! It’s unique approach to waste management means no odour, no outsourced waste removal and it’s simple to operate.

Models and capabilities

WasteMaster 300 → (Up to 300Kgs per day)

WasteMaster 400 → (Up to 400Kgs per day)

WasteMaster 550 → (Up to 550Kgs per day)

WasteMaster 750 → (Up to 750Kgs per day)

Larger bespoke units are available for prospects who have higher volumes, single source waste, or unique waste requirements.

All WasteMasters require c3m³ footprint, which allows access around the machine, an air vent outlet, and a 3-phase electricity supply.

Optional extras include an automatic bin lifter, and a shed if the machine is to be sited outdoors.

Read the latest WasteMaster Position Update - August 2017 (PDF)


Now that you’ve learnt a little about WasteMaster, we’d love to talk more about how it may benefit your business. Call EcoService (UK) Ltd - (Accredited Partner) on 01442 503 887 or email to arrange an appointment.

EcoService (UK) Ltd is also a niche partner with Klas International Ltd.

A bit more about Green Eco Technologies

View Green Eco Technologies at the RWM Exhibition 2017 video (YouTube).

Visit the Green Eco Technologies website.

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